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If you have questions about locks and want to know more about the latest lock systems, we have listed frequently asked questions. Go through these great answers and enrich your knowledge! They are helpful and eye opening!

What is a duplicate key?

A duplicate key is a spare copy of a key.  Duplicate keys will protect you from locking yourself out of your house, car, or business establishment. A wise step to avoid lockouts is by leaving a duplicate key to a trusted neighbor or family member.  Also, never leave a duplicate key to obvious places like under the welcome mat or inside the mailbox. “Locksmith Panorama City” are experienced with lockouts and offer key duplication for all needs.

Aside from providing locks and keys, what other services do locksmiths offer?

Locksmiths are not only trained in fitting locks and cutting keys.  Now, they provide versatile services for your security needs. Aside from dealing with lockouts, a common locksmith is also knowledgeable in handling safes. Locksmiths also specialize in creating master keys for business use. This is a great alternative to carrying bulky rings of keys.

In which cases safe installation is important?

Safe installation would be important for offices in Panorama City or homeowners, who keep money, jewelry, documents or other valuables at home. Of course, the main thing to ensure security is installing good security door locks according to the specialists of our locksmith service but safes will make the life of perpetrators even harder.

Are dead bolts a good lock option for me?

Depending on the entrance and type of property, our company would certainly recommend deadbolts. They are not easy to open and are typically made of hardy materials. They work even when the doorknob has been damaged. They are also easily installed.

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