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Have you been looking for quality locksmiths to install and maintain the locks at your home or office? Discover how they work and how beneficial their services are through this comprehensive source of tips and information for both homeowners and business owners.

Tips on how to install locks on your doors

Potential thieves search for unguarded and easy to manipulate entrances in their attempt to enter your house. By safeguarding these passages, you will have less worry for your home safety especially at night. Locks are helpful tools serviced by Locksmith Panorama City. A useful tip is by placing deadbolt locks on your doors - this will discourage potential thieves from entering your premises.

Tips on keys

Aside from leaving a key to any family member, friend, or co-worker that you trust, it is also helpful to:
• Stash a spare key in your bag, car, or workplace;
• Make sure that the keys are never labeled with important information; and
• Never leave a spare key just anywhere, and if you happen to accidentally lock yourself out, call the locksmith.

Change keys often

Key change is good for security reasons and the avoidance of lockouts. When the keys are new, they will rotate better in the lock and will never give you any trouble. The specialists of our locksmith company in Panorama City recommend changing the keys before they get rusty.

Choose the right materials and products

It's prudent to choose quality security door locks with long bolts but it's equally important to have good doors with peep holes, too. If you place a rod, ensure it's made of PVC, aluminum or wood because steel can be lifted if the intruders would use magnets.

Choose the right dead bolts for your doors

There are variations among security door locks and it's good to choose the proper ones for your home. Main entrances need durable bolts and you can also select among conventional or electronic ones. Your ultimate goal should be reinforcing security to a maximum with reliable lock systems.

Recommendations for garage security

There are many ways to secure your garage and reinforce your vehicle’s security. Our professional locksmith in Panorama City recommends that you have your garage windows closed at all times or at least frosted so no one could peek through whether your car is in the garage or not. Another is to have a high tech garage lock installed to keep your garage secured.

Re-key new home locks

Always rekey or replace the locks when you purchase a new house. Extra copies from the previous owner could be anywhere.

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